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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:78 AW
Side's Turn:Night

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Panels: 2
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Panel 1

No description, all text.[edit]

"I got! Bad! Mannerrrs!" shrieked out the Tool of the Titans. "I got a Hammerrrr! I got some dancerrrs! I got a Ham-STER-RRRRrrrr!"

He planted his boots on the turf by the bonfire and windmilled the Arkenhammer frantically, blasting a wicked riff off the walls of the courtyard. Sparks flew, but not too many. He was just getting things started. The night was new, and it belonged to Stanley.

"We're flyin' out tomorrow for a hatchet job! 'Cause I'm the power chord Overlord of Gobwin Knob! A dirt-ay deed, is what ah need! And we're gonna do it, satisfaction guaranteeeeeeed!"

He willed a heavy, pounding drum break, punctuated by blast beats, as he hoop-spun the Arkenhammer around his neck twice. Then he posed again, grinning at his hobgobwin Knights.

They were going nuts, swinging their axes overhead or smashing them down, churning up the sod. The Knights bellowed their approval over the brain-thumping Titanic rock he was spilling all over the place, but the dwagons were silent. Most were bobbing their heads or swaying in a pleasure trance, the way they usually did when he rocked out. These were his dudes. They were going to war. they were going to win.

Oh man, this feeling, this headspace, this zone... He forgot it, when he wasn't rocking out. Things weighed him down.

But when he was rocking out, it was the things that held him back that he forgot. He'd lost five of his sixteen cities in the last three turns. But so what? They had lots of money to rebuild. And he was going out to take down that barbarian--or Princess or Queen or whatever--that crazy lady who dared to do this to him.

He also forgot that his Chief Warlord had told him not to go.

They couldn't talk directly, but in the last scratchy thinkagram, Maggie'd said Hamster wanted him to stay put. Well if that was supposed to be an order, then he was overriding it.

Hamster knew a lot of things, but he didn't know a lot of things, too. This fast-attack blitz tactic with heavy flyers and high leadership that the Queen-lady was using? Stanley had invented that. Doing stuff like that was why he became Chief Warlord, and then Overlord. He'd already conquered this woman's side once. And he'd do it again tomorrow, by knocking her out of the sky

And with that thought, he let the rock carry him up into the air a few feet as he shouted lyrics that seemed to come to him from the Titans themselves. He didn't always know what to say, but when he played the Arkenhammer, he always knew what to sing.

"I done some BAD! I done some GOOD! I did a whole lot better than they thought I WOULD! I am loved, I am hated, I'm misunderSTOOD! But Queenie, you just came to the wrong neighborHOO-HOO-HOOD!

Panel 2

Stanley and the Knights In Stanley's Service are Rocking out. Stanley is using the Arkenhammer as a guitar, generating lightning, and the Hobgobwin knights are waving their axes in sync. There are dwagons of every color looking fierce, and a red on the walls looking down. Zhopa is standing behind Stanley, looking morose.[edit]
No text in this panel. [edit]