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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:83 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Hvs.tCF 52.jpg
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Panels: 6
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Panel 1

A close-up of Ace, Maggie, and Sizemore standing in the streets of Spacerock. Their eyes are glowing and they are holding hands, indicating a successful caster link. Behind them is Parson Gotti as well as various other Gobwin Knob units, both decrypted and standard.

Maggie: We have spoken.
We have modeled.
We have shared.
But we must combine our visions now, to recast this tower into a golem.

Panel 2

A close-up view of an excited Stanley, holding the Arkenhammer and standing next to Parson, whose hand is visible.


Stanley: Yeah! A scary golem!


Panel 3

A group view from behind the caster link of Ace, Maggie, and Sizemore. Just behind them is Parson, looking down at Stanley who has his right arm pumped in excitement. Blue sparkles surround the linked casters.


Parson: Tool...

Stanley: And ugly!
Britches-crappingly ugly!

Parson: They got it, boss. Just let 'em cast.

Panel 4

The panel shows the linked casters in Thinkspace with a stylized version of Spacerock's tower. Red sparkles flow from the center of the tower image to the outside. The casters, Ace, Maggie, and Sizemore, are shown as purple, floating, representations of themselves.


Sizemore: Do we see now?

The tower is not only Stuff, it is a phenomenon.

Ace: Yeah.

Can't find any Matter here that will take Motion...

Maggie: We see.

But we are ordered.
Let us make of this what we can.

Panel 5

This panel depicts a distant view of the street in front of Spacerock's tower, viewing everyone from above and behind. The linked casters, Ace, Maggie, and Sizemore have completed their spell and a golden glow is emanating from them to the tower. Parson, Stanley, and the Gobwin Knob units look on.


Maggie: Fronkensteen.[1]


Panel 6

Viewed from the tower (front) side, Parson and Stanley appear stunned.

Parson: Ohhhhhh... [edit]


  • ^  A reference to the Mel Brooks movie "Young Frankenstein" where the titular character spends the first half of the movie insisting that "Fronkensteen, not Frankenstein."
  • ^  In the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series, zords were what the giant robots they piloted were called.