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Turn Number:83
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Close up view of a somber Sizemore.


Ace shrugged. "Well, no," he said. "But I wouldn't be building it. It's already a building! So maybe linked up, we could--"

"It's not a building," said Sizemore with annoyance. He gestured up to the wooden beams in the eaves above them. "This is a building. The tower is a tower."

Parson stared at him blankly. "What's the difference?"

Sizemore grimaced, still looking at Ace. He didn't mind if the warlord didn't understand; he wouldn't expect him to. But Ace was a caster, a maker of golems. He should know better. "Everything's the difference," he said, shaking his head.

Where could he even begin?

"Look, a tower has... aspects. It's got it's own kind of points. It's a special part of the city, part of the garrison. You can't just put... legs on it and expect it to walk around! It belongs where it is. The city is the city relative to the garrison and the tower... oh..."

He gasped in frustration. If you didn't understand the Dirtamancy of this kind of thing, there weren't really words to explain it. "You don't understand," he said lamely.

Parson made a little scrunched up face. "Hmh. Well..."

Sizemore leaned forward over the table, which was strewn with little pieces and gadgets. Ace had been thrilled with this shop when he'd built it for him. But if the Dollamancer planned to use it for complete nonsense like this, then it had been a waste of time and juice.

"You can store spells on a tower, right?" said Sizemore.

"Yeah," said the Chief.

"Well you can't do that on any other structure," said Sizemore. "They're different inside. Improving the tower is not like improving anything else about a city. I could possibly see making a regular city building like this one into a golem, in a Thinkamancy link. Bit it would be a terrible golem. It wouldn't more or... do anything right. You should just knock down the building, take the stones and make a regular rock golem instead."

Chief Parson's shoulders rose up, and he let out a deep breath through his nose. "Arright," he said, looking down at the table. "Well, I guess maybe move on to the next dumb idea..."

Sizemore smiled, and relaxed his rigid stance. "Yeah. Sorry, Chief."

"We should try it anyway," said Maggie.

The Dirtamancer turned around and looked at her.

Maggie was holding a little dummy unit, another miniature cloth golem or something that Ace was working on. It looked like a tiny person with fat features and enormous eyes and cheeks. It hadn't yet been animated, and Sizemore didn't know what it was supposed to be for. But the Thinkamancer had shown an odd fascination with it. She hadn't put it down the entire time he'd been in here.

"What?" he said.

She looked at him, cocking her head. "You and I have been linked twice, and the results were quite nice each time, don't you recall? Quite beneficial."

Sizemore squinted uncomfortably. He had only just been thinking about that. He often thought about it.

"Yeah, that's true," said Chief Parson. "You said that digging into the mountain with Wanda was, like, the experience of your life or whatever."

He didn't think of that link-up as much. He didn't like to. But that was true too.

"I think," said Maggie, holding the dummy doll in the crook of her elbow and absently squeezing its little hand, "that we ought to try it. It may not work, but who knows what could come of it?"

In his head, Sizemore heard himself say, "I think you're ruining everything."

But in the space of the Dollamancer's shop, he only nodded, and said, "All right."