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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:83 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Hvs.tCF 49.jpg
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Panels: 7
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Panel 1

In Spacerock's war room, Jack approaches the chalkboard. A pair of legs can be seen from behind the chalkboard.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 2

Jack peeks around a chalkboard, looking at Ansom. The chalkboard has strategic information on it, as follows:

Logistics Analysis, Force Composition and Balance


Scouting - options include increasing heavy ground and dwagon patrols, find natural allies, hire a caster among Chief Gotti's associates Mining - treasure positive but surplus diminishing Specialty units: blue dwagons, twolls, air heads, ground mounts Warlords - rangers


More garrison in: Spacerock, Progrock, Brookstone, Unatard, Greenwashing More garrison archery in: Spacerock, Progrock, Gobwin Knob, Greenwashing Additional fluidity of response - fliers to Brookstone?

Recommendations, Intermediate Term

Mass forces at Spacerock for capital defense, leaves option to push into Hobbitm or Jetstone (dependent on negotiations)

Seek natural allies - mining and/or scouting
Jack: Need a map? [edit]

Panel 3

Ansom leans over the table. Jack looks at his and gestures at the table.[edit]

Ansom: Yes, thank you.
Basic terrain. Spacerock to Jetstone.

Jack: Of course.

Few moments, then.

Panel 4

Ansom turns back to the chalkboard. Magic flashes in Jack's hands.[edit]

Jack: Looking forward to seeing your brother?

Ansom: Yes.

Jack: Should be interesting. He's got that crown on his head now, and all.

Ansom: I know.

Jack: Might've been your crown...

Panel 5

Jack's face is lit by the glow of the magic. He looks over his shoulder at Ansom, who looks annoyed.[edit]

Ansom: That doesn't concern me, Foolmancer.
Not in the least.

Jack: No, I suppose not.

You and I have left our pasts behind.

Panel 6

Jack smiles, magic continuing to flash between his hands.[edit]

Jack: We have that much in common.
We are two men who no longer are haunted.

In fact I'd say we've a bit more in common than you might know.

Panel 7

Overhead shot of the table with Ansom and Jack to the side. Instead of displaying terrain, the table displays an image of Jillian.[edit]
Jack: I am curious though, Commander.
What does concern you nowadays?