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Descriptions and references

Book (Hvs.tCF)
Page by page (46)
Panel by panel (46:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:83 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Hvs.tCF 46.jpg
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Panels: 8
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Panel 1

A close up of Charlie's Archons: Daria, with arms crossed and Quinn with both hands on her hips.[edit]

Quinn Archon: That is not within your power to offer, Your Majesty! This prisoner is the property of Charlescomm, in a deal for which Jetstone has already been compensated.

Tramennis (off panel): An informal deal. No contract was signed.

Daria Archon: Yeah, we only had the word of the King of Jetstone...

Quinn Archon: If you're suggesting that is insufficient bond...

Panel 2

A close up of King Tramennis as he continues to sit comfortably on his throne with his legs crossed, looking down at the Archons. A Jetstone unit stands at attention on the right of the panel.[edit]

Tramennis: The duplicate of the King of Jetstone made that deal with Charlescomm, under significant duress.
And yes. We did receive the gem, in fair payment for the destruction of twenty-three Decrypted Archons at five thousand Shmuckers apiece, and the capture of one other, for twenty-five thousand. As arranged.

If the prisoner opts to turn to Jetstone now, then Charlescomm shall be refunded the twenty-five.

Panel 3

Close up view from the front of Lilith, Miranda, and Quinn. Lilith looks forward as Miranda stands rigid to the right of the panel. The Archon Quinn leans into the panel from the left.[edit]

Tramennis (off panel): So what say you, Lilith?

Lilith: I... hardly know what to say, Your Majesty. This is the most gracious, kindhearted--

Quinn Archon: Forty thousand.

Panel 4

View from behind Tramennis.[edit]

Tramennis: Hm? What's that?

Quinn Archon: Your Majesty, Charlescomm raises its offer for the release of the prisoner to forty thousand Shmuckers.

Panel 5

Wide shot of the throne room.[edit]

Tramennis: Does it? That's nice.
The matter is still left to the prisoner.

Lilith: Your Majesty, I--

Quinn Archon: Fifty thousand.

Lilith: King Tramennis, I will turn to Jetstone.

Tramennis: Splendid!

Panel 6

Close up of Lilith.[edit]

Lilith: ... unless Charlescomm pays you seventy-five thousand for me.

And Charlescomm pays a matching amount to the treasury of Gobwin Knob.

Panel 7

A view of the watching Jetstone units, including Lloyd and Cubbins.[edit]

Quinn Archon (off panel): What?!

Those "terms" are--

Panel 8

View of the throne room from above. Tramennis stands up.[edit]

Daria Archon: *ahem* ... minimally acceptable, Your Royal Highness.

Tramennis: ...
Well you know, I do hate to see you go...

Lilith: Just get everything in writing this time.