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Turn Number:83
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Image of the blackboard in the war room of Spacerock, with nearby sides written on it. Hyatt, FoxMUD, and Hobbittm are crossed out. Rightshoring and Haggar are marked "high," Dogfort and Jitterati are "med," and Carpool and Metroland are "low." Transylvito and Jetstone are "special," while Faq is "..."


"How 'bout Haggar?" he said, and wrote the name down.

There was silence. Parson turned around and looked at Ansom, who had his head lowered, staring at the lower righthand corner of the map.

"Oh crap," said Parson. "Um, sorry. You killed their Chief Warlord. Prob'ly a bad candidate. Didn't mean to bring that up."

"No, I was considering it," said Ansom, still staring at the map. "King Dickie loathed my father. He refused to join the first Royal Coalition and had to be bludgeoned into joining the second." Ansom looked up at Parson. "Of all the Coalition members, Haggar is the weakest link."

Parson looked at the map. "Hmh. Having an ally on the other side of Jetstone would give us huge strategic leverage. Haggar could be the anvil to our 'hammer. Wham."

Ansom looked serious. "I still believe peace with Jetstone is possible, Lord Hamster."

Parson put a hand on the table and looked at the former Prince. "Even after everything."

"My brother is not my father. I should at least talk to him," said Ansom. "If possible, I should go to him in person."

Parson stared down at the map again, then nodded and went back to his chalkboard. "S'worth a shot. We'll make it happen, Ansom. Okay, Transylvito. Call? Do not call?"

"I don't know," said Ansom, "Don King has changed. He sent only a token force in the first Coalition: one warlord and some scouting units. My impression had been that he did not care at all for a war to defend the Royal Mandate. But since the Battle for Gobwin Knob, he has committed to the cause. He enthroned Queen Jillian."

Parson frowned, shrugging. "So not a great chance he'll listen to us. Low on the list." He wrote the word "Low" beside "Transylvito."

"But it would be economical to attempt it," added Ansom, "as they do have a Thinkamancer. I understand it halves the cost."

Parson turned around, looking first at Ansom, then Maggie. "Did you know they had a Thinkamancer?" he asked her.

Maggie shook her head. "No, Lord. Perhaps he is new, or never visits the Magic Kingdom."

"She," said Ansom. "Transylvito's warlord called her 'Bunny.'"

Parson gave Maggie a meaningful look, then rubbed out "Low" and wrote in "Special."

"Okay," he said, "how about Dogfort? I kind of want to call them..."