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hostile actions toward FAQ, excepting in the case of new and further aggression by FAQ against GK, in which case GK may take reasonable actions to defend its interest.
c. that in addition to the cessation of hostilities, CC agrees to provide certain considerations to GK in remuneration for damages caused by CC and its agents, in exchange for GK's assent to this agreement.
d. that the Parties shall be bound to certain Penalties for breach of the agreement, enforced automagically by the agreement's Signamancy.


Here Begin the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement

Part I - Terms of Truce

While the agreement is in effect:

a. Neither Party shall attempt to cause, either directly or through agents or other contracted parties, any material harm to the units, cities, property, or other assets of the other Party.

b. GK agrees not to attempt to cause harm by any means to the units, allies, property or material interests of FAQ, except in the event that GK interests are physically attacked or threatened by FAQ. Even in the event of such provocation, GK shall not cause bodily harm to, or destruction of, JILLIAN, by any means, directly or indirectly. Failure to abide by this clause shall trigger full default of the agreement.

c. Neither Party shall employ its units or agents to attempt to invade, occupy, or render useless the geographical territories and cities held by the other Party, including all hexes within six hexes of cities held by the other Party. Exceptions are to be made for units located in such territory at the time the agreement is Signed. Said units must withdraw to neutral territory within three (3) turns or be in breach of the agreement.

Part II - Special Considerations and Compensation

a. CC agrees to immediately, upon Signing of the agreement by both parties, remit the sum of 227,800 Shmuckers directly from CC's treasury to the treasury of GK. This shall constitute payment in full for all damages inflicted up GK by CC prior to the Signing of the agreement.

b. CC agrees to secure, by whatever means necessary, the timely release of all twenty-one (21) GK prisoners currently in the custody of FAQ. Failure to release these prisoners safely to GK territory within three (3) turns of the Signing of the agreement shall constitute default of the agreement by CC.

c. CC agrees to render void all prior agreements with GK, without regard to outstanding debts and obligations which may remain under those agreements.

d. CC agrees to provide GK, within three (3) turns, a full accounting for the origins and purpose for the SPELL in GK's possession, which was offered to PARSON via certain agents of CC. This accounting must be complete and accurate by all reasonable standards, to the best of CC's own understanding and knowledge.