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Book (Book4)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:96 AW
Side's Turn:Transylvito

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Panels: 5
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Panel 1

Book4 159:1/Description[edit]

Huehue: Murderer!

Caesar (gasping for air): Hueh... Hueh...

Huehue: If Tlatoani dies, I'll collapse myself on you in vengeance!

Shirley (off panel): Oh, that party pooper! That pillar o' gosh darn salt!


Panel 2

Book4 159:2/Description[edit]

Shirley: Are you gonna let him get away with that, Charles?

Charlie: Wasn't the plan. But let's see...

Still gets us out of the Transylvito contract...
...gets our 20 mil back, actually...

Bill (off panel): Uh... Charlie?


Panel 3

Book4 159:3/Description[edit]

Ruler (off panel): We kill two Gobwin Knob casters with no penalty... one of them is Jack Snipe and that's not small... and then the city goes barbarian, and the only sided units there are Charlescomm dolls. Yes, I can live with this outcome.

Shirley (off panel): What about Vanna.

Dollamancer (ch 7) (off panel): CHAR-LEEEEE!

Shirley (off panel): And your new lil friend, the mad scientist?

Ruler (off panel): Collateral losses. Unfortunate, but acceptable.

Shirley (off panel): Oh you are puttin' me ahhn, Charles.

Shirley (off panel): You can't let the comic relief just die! And the girl? And what about her unpopped baby? What kinda hero are you? Sheesh-ka-bobs!

Dollamancer (ch 7) (off panel): What am I s'posed to do, man?!


Panel 4

Book4 159:4/Description[edit]

Bill: Well?

Charlie: There's probably a better outcome on the table...

Just take him prisoner, Bill


Panel 5

Book4 159:5/Description[edit]

Ruler (ch 7) (off panel): Tell the Temple we'll parley.

Shirley (off panel): That's my little knight in shining jammies.