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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:78 AW
Side's Turn:Faq

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Panels: 4
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Panel 1

Jillian is riding her megalogwiff sword raised against a green dwagon with a decrypted rider, the dwagon is blowing gas on Jillian. On the background a castle-like city is being attacked by Faq's mounted megalogwiffs and gwiffons. City is defended by decrypted archers on it's windows and balconies and by a red, a blue and a pink dwagon. The pink dwagon is falling from the sky.[edit]

NARRATOR: Gobwin Knob's city of Bohica


Parson (off panel): "Arright, so...

Panel 2

Panel is superimposed on the bottom right of the previous panel. Jillian is holding her left sleeve in front of her face to protect herself from the Green dwagon gas and stabs the decrypted soldier with her sword. She is wearing her golden suit.[edit]

Gobwin Knob Unit: Uaaahh!

SOUND: Daring Queen[1]

Panel 3

Five megalogwiffs and numerous gwiffons are flying away from the smoldering ruins of Bohica. Mountains on the background.[edit]

Parson (off panel): "I guess no more poking at Charlie, for now.

My job is bigger than that."

Panel 4

Parson's quarters in the Temple of the Thinkamancers. On the left Jack is sitting on a desk with his arms around his knees and wearing a dark suit with red bowtie and a dark hat with a red hatband. Eyebook is opened on the desk in front of Jack and it is projecting a picture of a map in the air. On the right Parson is in his bed, supporting himself up with his right arm and pointing at the projection with the left one. His arms and head have large band-aids on them. Maggie is sitting at the foot of Parson's bed with her hands folded on her lap.[edit]
Parson: Let's just deal with her right now. [edit]


  1. ^ A reference to the fast food chain "Dairy Queen" and their logo.