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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:79 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 7
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Panel 1

Parson and Charlie talk via Eyebook.[edit]

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: Parson?

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: I've got an offer for you. I think you'll want to hear it.

(Eyebook) LordHamster: Your unconditional surr[ender]?

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: Not as such, no...

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: But a conditional truce i[s]
certainly on the table. On favorable te[rms].

(Eyebook) LordHamster: After the hobgobwins?

(Eyebook) LordHamster: OK what do you want,
Dickmancer? Quickly.

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: Pull your punch here. Le[t]
[Que]en Jillian go home. That's it.

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: I'll pay for what she broke.

Panel 2

Parson leans on his desk, holding his Eyebook.[edit]
Parson: She is alive.
That means the Tool is still in a hot hex.
Can you tell if he's still engaged?

Panel 3

Close-up of Maggie, lying on the bed.[edit]

Maggie: I just...
I can't, Lord.
We've sustained no new casualties.
That's all I can report.

Wanda (off panel): How do you know?

Panel 4

Parson leans on his desk, holding his Eyebook at his side. Wanda sits up on the bed, while Maggie lies down.[edit]

Wanda: How do you know she is alive?

Parson: Charlie wants to pay us to let her go free. I don't think he'd do that unl--

Wanda: No. Do not.
Not at any price!

Panel 5

Parson stands next to his desk, with his Eyebook at his side.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 6

Parson holds his Eyebook in his right hand and a banister of the bed in his left. Maggie continues lying down.[edit]
Parson: Maggie, those ground units that the Tool repatriated...
Pick a good one for me, and promote them to a warlord.

Panel 7

Sparkles surround a Gobwin Knob unit, who now has a cape and a shield. He faces the landed megalogwiff, which has knocked over a tree.[edit]
Parson (off panel): "Every single one of the others, I hereby promote to knight." [edit]


  • ^  AYFKM is an internet initialism for the phrase "Are You F**king Kidding Me?"