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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:79 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 7
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Panel 1

Jillian's and Vanna's megalogwiffs fly alongside two gwiffons which have caught the falling hobgobwins.[edit]
Parson (off panel): "What, so he's facing our knights now?
Get him out."

Panel 2

Gobwin Knob's dwagons fly away, pursued by Jillian's forces. Ansom continues climbing Jillian's megalogwiff.[edit]

Parson (off panel): I'm officially ordering him to leave the hex, right now."

Maggie (off panel): "He is already retreating, Lord."

Panel 3

Faq forces pursue the fleeing dwagons.[edit]

Parson (off panel): "Can he get clear?"

Maggie (off panel): "One moment..."

Panel 4

Jillian pursues the dwagons and holds her sword up. Ansom has almost climbed on top of the megalogwiff.[edit]
Jillian: Box them in! Engage anything you catch, but solo!
Don't team!

Panel 5

Maggie and Wanda sit on Ansom's bed holding hands. Their eyes glow blue and red respectively.[edit]

Wanda: He won't. She excels at this.

Maggie: His stack is being engaged.

Wanda: She is the superior commander, by far.

Panel 6

Jillian has crawled to the front of her megalogwiff, pursuing Stanley's blue dwagon. Her megalogwiff opens its mouth. Meanwhile Faq gwiffon-riders attack a green and a pink dwagon.[edit]

Stanley: Hey, let's do this another time, lady!

Jillian: Don't call me lady, you glorified dungeon lackey!
You little... first-wave piker puke!

Parson (off panel): "Have him break stack and screen! Whatever he has to do to get free."

Panel 7

Jillian's megalogwiff bites the tail of Stanley's blue dwagon.[edit]

Jillian: It's "Queen!"