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Book (Book4)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:95 AW
Side's Turn:Night

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Panels: 4
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Panel 1

Book4 61:1/Description[edit]
Charlie: I have to say these are not... completely lousy developments. [edit]

Panel 2

Book4 61:2/Description[edit]

Delta: Things are getting out of hand.

Charlie: Things are getting out of our hand.
We know whose hand they're in.

Tondelayo: Yes. What do we do?

Charlie: *sigh*

Replenish our hand, I guess.

Panel 3

Book4 61:3/Description[edit]

Delta or Tondelayo: What, right now?

Charlie: Yes. We're forced to.

The showdown happens tomorrow.

Panel 4

Book4 61:4/Description[edit]
Charlie: We'll just have to draw two from the discard pile tonight. [edit]