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Book (Book4)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:95 AW
Side's Turn:Night

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Book4 58.jpg
Book4 59.jpg

Panels: 7
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Panel 1

Book4 58:1/Description[edit]

Mike Robe: I mean, we dug to bedrock and all around.
If he backfilled, he backfilled a lot.

Buck Nugget: Tunnel's a decoy, man. Tellin' ya.

His Dolly friend did some kinda trick.

Panel 2

Book4 58:2/Description[edit]

Pinkie Shears: Veil accessory, maybe? Or...

Mike Robe: Yeah, they could still be in the 'mansion.
Probably are.

Buck Nugget: Hunt's on, then! Let's go git–

Panel 3

Book4 58:3/Description[edit]

Buck Nugget: Hold up, nerds are callin' me.

Pinkie Shears: Course...

Buck Nugget: Go on, git 'em. I gotta take it.

Panel 4

Book4 58:4/Description[edit]

Buck Nugget: Wutchu want, RV?

Roger Victor Clarence: Is everything alright over there, Buck?

Panel 5

Book4 58:5/Description[edit]

Buck Nugget: Shutup and jam it.
You wouldn't be callin' if ya didn't know.
You been scryin' and spyin' on us.

Don't add lyin' and denyin'.

Panel 6

Book4 58:6/Description[edit]

Roger Victor Clarence: I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by that, Buck.

Buck Nugget: *sigh* A'ight, Ivan escaped his cell. He dug a tunnel, but it goes noplace. We're fixin' to start a manhunt.

Now if you'd like to Lookamance 'n help find him...

Panel 7

Book4 58:7/Description[edit]

Roger Victor Clarence: No, I know where he must have gone.

Call an immediate quorum.