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Book (Book4)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:95 AW
Side's Turn:Night

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Panels: 8
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Panel 1

Book4 57:1/Description[edit]
Claud Gauntlet: Yeah I was surprised when Charlie said he had one trapped in the portal vault. [edit]

Panel 2

Book4 57:2/Description[edit]

Claud Gauntlet: You really don't see a lot of action figures.

It's a luxury market. Not much demand.

Panel 3

Book4 57:3/Description[edit]
Claud Gauntlet: I stole the pattern – munus the veil – when we linked up. The 'dish gave me the ability to subvert the unit's orders. [edit]

Panel 4

Book4 57:4/Description[edit]

Claud Gauntlet: So we gave it a grenade, and sent it back to find its papa.

Ivan Poe: Back through the portal?

Claud Gauntlet: Yeah.

Panel 5

Book4 57:5/Description[edit]

Ivan Poe: Surprised he let you do that.

Claud Gauntlet: Well, he was not a happy guy that day.

Okay, how do I do it?

Panel 6

Book4 57:6/Description[edit]

Ivan Poe: Hold it on the chain and turn the little round part.
Then get ready to run like stink.


Panel 7

Book4 57:7/Description[edit]

Mike Robe: ...Hunh?

Ohhhh, you filthy little flunkey.

Panel 8

Book4 57:8/Description[edit]
(No text in this panel) [edit]