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Book (Book4)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:94 AW
Side's Turn:Transylvito

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Panels: 3
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Panel 1

Book4 33:1/Description[edit]
Book4 33:1/Text [edit]

Panel 2

Book4 33:2/Description[edit]
Book4 33:2/Text [edit]

Panel 3

Location: Bunny's study or bedroom. The Doll is sitting at a desk with a quill pen and parchment. Bunny, in her nightrobe and with a solemn or forlorn expression, is holding a sheet of paper up to the Doll. The Doll is looking right at the sheet Bunny is holding. On the paper, Bunny has written:

"Yes, he's [flexible?]

Not willing to share intel --

Want [answers?] from you first

Is GK serious about

peace w us?"

(Bunny's paper has some ink drops and the hyphen might be an ink smudge)
Book4 33:3/Text [edit]