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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:79 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 6
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Panel 1

Duncan's megalogwiff bites the head of Vurp's Dwagon. Duncan, standing, points his sword at Vurp. Vurp holds his axe up. Vanna stands up.[edit]

Duncan Scone: Come forward! Fight me where I stand, knight!

Vurp: No, I am a chief!

You come over to fight me!

Duncan: I'm... a chief as well, actually.

Panel 2

Vurp jumps onto Duncan's megalogwiff and attacks Duncan, who blocks with his sword.[edit]

Vurp: More than one chief here is too many!

Duncan: Vanna...

Panel 3

Inset: Stanley holds out the Arkenhammer and shoots Shockmancy. The Shockmancy hits Duncan, whose face contorts in pain. Vurp watches.[edit]

Stanley: You been...


Duncan: Uuahuuahh ahhuahaa![1]

Panel 4

On the back of the megalogwiff, Vurp holds his axe above his head, ready to swing at the prone Duncan. Vanna, with sparkles around her head, rushes over to Vurp.[edit]

Vurp: Ha! One thing you will not be any more now is: chief.
Another thing is: alive!

Vanna: Binding arbi...

Panel 5

Vurp appears pixellated, like in an old arcade game. His outfit has changed to a pair of boxing gloves and trunks.[edit]

Vurp: What?

What is this strangeness?

Panel 6

Vurp, Vanna, and Charlie are all pixellated in a scene that resembles Street Fighter. Charlie and Vanna are in their Street Fighter outfits.[edit]

Charlie: We're taking a bit of a time out, here, Vurp.[3]

A little "free-action" action?[4]

Let's talk.


  1. ^ Thunderstruck  The font for "thunderstruck" is in the style of AC/DC, and the dialogue and sound are a reference to their song "Thunderstruck", including the ululations of Duncan.
  2. ^ Vanna's Spell  Binding Arbitration is legalese for having an unbiased 3rd Party come in to settle a conflict, and agreeing to abide by their decision. Charlie is, of course, the perfect candidate for "unbiased".
  3. ^ Time Out  Possibly a pause-button joke?
  4. ^ Free action  "Talking is a free action." In any media that isn't live-action, time seems to freeze for as long as characters need to talk. This is most obvious in tabletop RPGs, where players can spend several hours debating what to say to the King who has just greeted them.