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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:79 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 7
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Panel 1

Stanley riding his plated blue dwagon and shooting lightning to three directions from the Arkenhammer.[edit]

Stanley: Rock out! Rock owwwwwwt! Rock out with your shock out![1]

And you!

And yöööööu!

Sound Effect: ZAPP ZORCH BZZRP[2]

Panel 2

On the foreground: Queen Jillian on her megalogwiff with another mounted megalogwiff and two gwiffons, on the background: two megalogwiffs and four gwiffons fighting a green, a blue and a red dwagon.[edit]

Faq Warlord: Queen, are we going in?!

Jillian: No!

Continue holding!

Panel 3

On the foreground: a red dwagon ridden by an axe-wielding hobgobwin knight spits fire on a mounted gwiffon, whose rider drops his sword and helmet. On the background: Another red dwagon fires on a gwiffon, plated blue riding Stanley shoots lightning from his Arkenhammer on another gwiffon and a blue and a green dwagon attack a megalogwiff.[edit]

Faq Warlord: But he's just picking off every rider!

Jillian: Yeah! And he'll do the same to us if Duncan can't draw enough of them off! Hold!


Panel 4

A green, a pink and a blue dwagon cling to a croaked megalogwiff. Repatriated Gobwin Knob troops crawl out of the megalogwiff and one of them falls off.[edit]

Duncan Scone (off panel): "Titans, is everyone gone?

Everyone's gone."

Panel 5

Close-up of Vanna and Duncan watching as three dwagons croak a megalogwiff. A yellow and a red dwagon fly near the croaked megalogwiff.[edit]

Duncan Scone: The match-ups were right, but the hammer disrupted everything.

Vanna: Do not retreat.

Duncan: I won't.

We'll go down fighting.

Panel 6

Vanna and Duncan riding a megalogwiff. Vanna is sitting behind Duncan and holding on to him, her eyes are glowing and a cloud of blue sparkles forms around her head. Duncan is turning his head to his right to see Vanna.[edit]
Duncan: But we're not going to make it through this.
I'm sorry. This wasn't your war.

Panel 7

Close-up of Vanna and Duncan. Vanna's eyes are glowing and a cloud of blue sparkles envelopes her head, she points forward with her right index finger and Duncan is looking at the direction she is pointing at.[edit]
Vanna: It is now, Chief.[4]
Close with the green dwagon.


  1. ^ Zapp, Zorch  Zapp is an american funk band, and Zorch is an english electronic band
  2. ^ Shock Out  A play on the phrase "Rock out with your cock out"
  3. ^ S'more  S'mores are a common campfire treat, made with graham crackers, chocolate, and more importantly... roasted marshmallows.
  4. ^ Is is now  The combination of Charlie linking with Vanna and claiming the war may be an oblique reference to "Charlie Wilson's War"