Hvs.tCF 137

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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:90 AW
Side's Turn:Charlescomm

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Panels: 7
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Panel 1

Hvs.tCF 137:1/Description[edit]

Parson Gotti: I'm killing dudes.
Why am I killing dudes? This sucks.


Parson: Artemis! Call a retreat!

Panel 2

Hvs.tCF 137:2/Description[edit]

Artemis: To where, Warlord?
We're cut off!

Shawn Bawn: She was not the least bit scared to be mashed into a pulp...

Panel 3

Hvs.tCF 137:3/Description[edit]

Artemis: Unless you want to invade Charlescomm? At five hundred thousand a unit?

Artemis: Watch your flank!


Panel 4

Hvs.tCF 137:4/Description[edit]

Parson: No, just take the wounded and rush a random portal!

Artemis: What? No!

SFX: Inevitable Beaned

Panel 5

Hvs.tCF 137:5/Description[edit]

Parson: Yes!

Parson: Surrender to whoever's there!
We'll negotiate a ransom!

Panel 6

Hvs.tCF 137:6/Description[edit]

Parson: We're rich now!

Parson: We can afford it!
... Artemis?!

Panel 7

Hvs.tCF 137:7/Description[edit]

Parson: Back in charge, guys.

Parson: Let's blow this de-popsicle stand.