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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:79 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 6
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Panel 1

Stanley gestures up with the Arkenhammer as he orders the KISS knights and Dwagons to rise. They're circling above him like a halo.[edit]

Stanley: Circle up, sky pilots![1]

They're comin' to us!

Everybody get high!

Panel 2

A stabber mounted on a Gwiffon flies forward with his sword drawn. Two Megalogwiffs in the distance bank sharply up amid several other gwiffs. Dwagon are above in the distance.[edit]

Duncan Scone: Form in around Belzon's Megalo and climb left!


Panel 3

Duncan Scone's Megalogwiff banks up with an angry look in its eyes. It still has prisoners towards it's tail. Vanna is hugging Duncan. Another Megalo and several mounted Gwiffons are in the scene.[edit]

Duncan Scone: We advance in spear formation! High and tight, so they can't breathe without crossfire!

Listen for your assignments!

Vanna: Chief, I'm on a Thinkagram. I'll be casting, but I don't know what.

Duncan: Tighten up now!

Pull in, Pull in!

Panel 4

The edges of the frame start to go dark as Vanna closes her eye to enter the Thinkagram. She has a worried expression as she hugs Duncan Scone. Duncan looks ahead resolutely.[edit]

Charlie: (off panel) "Good morning, Vanna. Pleasure to be working with you, again."

Vanna: Hello, Charlie.

Panel 5

Charlie stands in Thinkspace in front of a floating image of Vurp in KISS warpaint, looking fierce. Charlie is dressed in an orange vest sans shirt with green cargo pants. He's a muscular blond with tall straight hair and round glasses.[2] He has a confident smirk as he smacks a fist into his open palm.[edit]

Charlie: I know we're all a bit pressed for time here, so if you could please focus with me on Lord Stanley's Hobgobwin Chieftain.

His name is Vurp.

We're going to do a little strong-arm negotiation. Put the screws to him.

Panel 6

Vanna stands in Thinkspace. She's wearing a blue unitard with combat boots, red fighting gloves, a yellow tie, and a flight attendant's hat. Her hair now in two extremely long pigtails.[3] She's in a fighting pose, looking intently ahead.[edit]

Charlie: As Turnamancer, you'll be the one turning the screws.

You're the muscle.


  1. ^Sky Pilot  Sky Pilot is a slang term for a military chaplain, and also the title of a 1968 song by Eric Burdon & the Animals.
  2. ^Charlie  Charlie is in the form of Charlie. From Street Fighter, that is.
  3. ^Cammie  Vanna is dressed as Killer Bee, the brainwashed version of Cammy from Street Fighter.