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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:79 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 7
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Panel 1

Parson's quarters in the Temple of the Thinkamancers. Parson is standing, arms out and agitated. He's looking down at the linked Wanda and Maggie. Both are sitting on the bed, looking distant as their eyes glow red and blue, respectively.[edit]

Parson: He's what?

Maggie: Attacking.

His Toolship is engaging the enemy.

The prisoner can see it.

Panel 2

Parson's quarters in the Temple of the Thinkamancers. Parson leans down and yells angrily at the linked Maggie. She looks ahead distantly, a blue glow in her eyes.[edit]

Parson: I can't bel-

Yes, I can.

Order him out of there.

Maggie: He is winning, Lord.

Panel 3

Stanley is standing proudly atop a Blue dwagon, Arkenhammer held aloft and radiating electric Shockmancy. He's smiling broadly, holding the reins to the dwagon in his right hand. His KISS raiment sparkles in the light.[edit]
Stanley: Don't stop me now!! [1] [edit]

Panel 4

Jillian stands atop her Megalogwiff, holding it's reins as it bucks angrily in the direction of Stanley's forces. She's yelling to her left, holding her sword Three Edged raised in her right arm. Ansom is being moved from atop the Gwiff to it's lower right side, he looks blank. In the distance Stanley and his Blue dwagon are tackling and turning a grounded Megalo onto its back. It may be croaked since several of the prisoners it was encasing are are escaping it. Four dwagons and KISS riders are flying above. A lone stabber mounted on a Gwiffon is heading towards Stanley.[edit]

Jillian: Lift! Shift the prisoners below!


Accept that link!

Duncan! Left flank. I'm going for Stanley!

Panel 5

Stanley whallops a Faq infantryman and sends him flying off his mounted Gwiffon, which is biting into his Blue dwagon's neck. The KISS knights flying above are singing the chorus to Stanley's Rock tune.[edit]

KISS Knights: 'Cause he's havin' a good time!


Stanley: Don't!

Parson (off panel): "He is?"

Panel 6

Parson's quarters in the Temple of the Thinkamancers. Parson sits down and begins fiddling with his bracer. Wanda and Maggie are still sitting on the bed, The linked.[edit]

Wanda: Yes. He is Rocking out.

Maggie: He has repatriated twenty-four of ours. Slain four of theirs.

Wanda: You can't stop the Rock.[3]

Parson: Arright. Just... give me two seconds.

Panel 7

Ansom is pulling himself out of the sticky yellow gummi matter of the Megalogwiff. He's still shackled, but he's managed to pull out his left arm for leverage. He looks up towards an off panel Jillian with a grim, determined expression. There's fighting in the distance, Dwagon's, KISS knights, and Gwiffons are battling.[edit]
Parson: And do something with Ansom. [edit]