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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:90 AW
Side's Turn:Charlescomm

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Hvs.tCF 113.jpg
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Panels: 5
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Panel 1

Hvs.tCF 113:1/Description[edit]

Bonnie: Action on 40, Charlie.
... Charlie?


Panel 2

Hvs.tCF 113:2/Description[edit]

Archon: Think he's offdish. Everything's down.

Bonnie: Gram him direct. Get our orders!

Panel 3

Hvs.tCF 113:3/Description[edit]

Bonnie: Lizzie and Shirley Ann, Enola and Sandy, man the tripods!
Daisy Mae and Raven, get on the vault doors!
Everyone else fall back to defend the shaft!

Archon: Yes, Bonnie!

Panel 4

Hvs.tCF 113:4/Description[edit]
Bonnie: ... [edit]

Panel 5

Hvs.tCF 113:5/Description[edit]
Lilith: Eeeeeyuh! [edit]