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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:90 AW
Side's Turn:Charlescomm

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Panels: 8
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Panel 1

Hvs.tCF 108:1/Description[edit]

Parson Gotti: Yeah? Just run through and wing it? Let Fate handle everything?
Whaddya think of that plan, Marie?

Marie LaVraie: Depends.
What do you think of it?

Panel 2

Hvs.tCF 108:2/Description[edit]

Parson: Um, it's... incredibly dumb?



Panel 3

Hvs.tCF 108:3/Description[edit]

Marie: Why expensive?

Parson: Because every unit that goes through this portal is a treaty violation. I can't talk about the terms or penalties. But, uh... it's Charlescomm.

Marie: I undahstand.

And why the other thing?

Panel 4

Hvs.tCF 108:4/Description[edit]

Parson (off panel): "Suicidal?

Because Charlie?

Look, if I'm him, then ever since Spacerock I've been prepping for 'what do I do if Parson Gotti comes through my portal,' right?

We already tried sending a veiled unit through here.

It came back and tried to kill me."

Panel 5

Hvs.tCF 108:5/Description[edit]

Parson (off panel): "So I don't even wanna think about what he's got set up for me in there.

Like, for me, specifically. His traps are prob'ly +10 against fat guys from Ohio."

Panel 6

Hvs.tCF 108:6/Description[edit]

Parson: But hey, if you think Fate'll load the dice and make me bulletproof, then maybe.

Marie: No. It's a bad idea. Don't go.

Panel 7

Hvs.tCF 108:7/Description[edit]

Parson: Arright.
... I probably shouldn't even be standing here, really. Except that if he comes at me through the portal, then the treasury problem's solved.
I did say I'm not gonna ask my troops to do anything that I wouldn't do...

And I ordered our archon to draw their fire.

Panel 8

Hvs.tCF 108:8/Description[edit]

Marie: Hmh.
Sounds like you should've just let her fight him.

Wanda Firebaugh: What?!