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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:76-77 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 6

Next Hvs.tCF 2 [edit]

Panel 1

Inside shot from the Temple of the Thinkamancers. Ace, Maggie and Isaac are linked, Ace and Isaac are holding Maggie's hands and white energy is flowing from their free hands to the bottom center of the panel. On the background are the blue and green pillars of the Temple and behind them is pink forest and sky. Superimposed on the bottom left side of the panel is the text: DAY 1.[edit]

Narrator: Two casters, linked through a Thinkamancer, can combine their magic disciplines in a single spell.

Narrator: In this case, Dollamancer Ace Hardware...

Narrator: ...via Maggie's Thinkamancy...

Narrator: ...incorporates Headmaster Isaac's master-class Lookamancy...

Narrator: ... into a new Dollamancy "accessory."


Panel 2

Closeup of Parson looking through the viewfinder of a small pocket camera that looks very much like the Kodak 100 Instamatic. Pink background.[edit]

Narrator: ... one that looks strange to everyone but Chief Warlord Parson Gotti.

Parson: This is great.

How small can you resize it?

Panel 3

Ace is standing on the left and smiling to Parson, who is watching the camera and resizing it smaller and smaller. On the background is the Temple of the Thinkamancers and an uncroaked spearman guarding it.[edit]

Ace: Small as ya need.

Smaller than you need, if that's what you need.

Parson: That's what I need.
Good work.

Panel 4

Overhead view of the Portal Park, casters are walking in and out of portals. Near the bottom of the panel a tiny figure is moving towards a yellow-orange portal. The green figure is shown magnified in an overlaid round panel as it struggles to get through grass as high as itself. Superimposed on the bottom left side of the panel is the text: DAY 2.[edit]

Parson (off panel): "So tomorrow, I'm going to have you link up with Jack."


Panel 5

Closeup of the tiny figure going through the grass. It looks like and is the same size as a green, plastic army man toy and has the resized miniature camera hanging on it's neck. It has no visible weapons.[edit]

Parson (off panel): "I'll want you to create the tiniest possible scouting unit. Something mindless. A tchotchke or whatever.
Jack will help you give it a veil or a scouting cloak of some kind.

You know where it's going."

Panel 6

The panel shows the backside of the tiny figure as it walks through a yellow-orange portal.[edit]

Parson (off panel): "But, uh...

We're gonna try the short way first."