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Transylvito City
Race: Temple
Faction: Transylvito
Special: Sentinel

Proposed Canon

I am the room. I am the door. I am the floor. I am the ceiling. Bullets? Ha. Bullets should be your last worry, you perverse pinataphile. You would never see the brick I drop on your head to croak you!

First appearance: Hvs.tCF 302

Name revealed: Hvs.tCF 309

Huehue is the awakened tower of the City of Transylvito.

Huehue's Words

Like Jed, Huehue has his own superset of Language. Huehue's vocabulary is enhanced with words of Nahuatl origin. Here's a rough guide:

Name Person / Thing rough translation
chacmool sculpture form of a reclining figure acting as a bowl to hold sacrificial offerings
cihuachichi Shirley female dog, bitch
Ihtic Inside, within
Ilhuicatl Skyy Literally sky
Itzam Cacahuatl Benjamin Master/chief of cacao beans
Teocalli Temple God-house; Aztec-style pyramid + temple
Tlahuelpuchi Shirley Tlahuelpuchi, blood-drinking vampire/witch/succubus
tlamictiliztli ritual human sacrifice
Tzitzimitl Skyy Tzitzimitl, skeletal female deities (cf. artwork in Erf-b3-p330Same-site.PNG)
tlaquimilolli sacred bundle (Huehue uses "and a tlaquimilolli full of shells" as an add-on phrase to describe Skyy, similar to "all that and a bag of chips" in American slang)

Real World References

"Huehue" in the Nahuatl language translates roughly as "ancient one", "elder", or "old man".

Huehue's appearance is based on Toltec sculpture.

"Huehuehue" is used by certain subcultures to represent laughter. This usage is typically ironic or mocking.