High Elves

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Proposed Canon

Croaking is, like, woah.

High Elves were a type of Elves and natural allies of Haffaton.

According to Hedda Splode High Elves can use Natural Hippiemancy, mostly Flower Power. Haffaton appears to use them as forest-capable scouts.

Jillian Zamussels and her mercenary force encounter two High Elves scouts on her way back to Faq. "One of them was round and bald, with a laurel of white hair. The other was pale and gaunt. They wore loose tunics dyed in crazy multicolor patterns, lined with psychedelic fur. They were armed only with tall staves." IPTSF Text 27

Real World References

Their name seems to mockingly refer to High elves of many fantasy settings.

Their appearance and hints on the use of Flower Power also suggest that this type of Elves are often "high" on intoxicating substances.