Herbert Sassafras

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Herbert Sassafras
Race: Men
Faction: Barbarian
Class: Caster (Healomancer)

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 19

Herbert Sassafrass, or "Doc Sassafrass" as Dove Barstool calls him, is a barbarian Healomancer in the Magic Kingdom. He makes his home in a wagon in the Carnyvale rather than with other Healomancers. He has wide eyes, and wild white hair. He wears a white coat.

He's one of Dove's clients who she "hustles" clients for, he gives her a cut of the profits for her services. He healed Digdoug (just barely) from lethal Incapacitation after the fall of Homekey. He apparently has means of making other's go "blotto", which he sells. These may be mind altering substances or an unseen application of Healomancy.

Digdoug doesn't seem to think he's a legitimate Doctor, or the Erfworld equivalent.


Given Digdoug's skepticism, his Signamancy, the hack job of healing Digdoug, that he lives in the Carnyvale rather than among other Healomancers in the Clevermancy part of the Magic Kingdom, and the real world reference, he is probably considered a quack among other Healomancers and operates cheaply like a "back alley" doctor.

Real World Reference

The bark and roots of Sassafras plants were used medicinally, and its extract was a key ingredient in root beer.

Sassafras Herbert is a dog that "earned" the title of nutritionist. Her owner bought the membership through a simple mail in form from the society of American Association of Nutrition and Dietary Consultants, and did so as a demonstration that not all credentialed professionals are legitimate.

The description of Doc Sassafras makes him out to be like Doc Brown from Back to the Future, or a "generic" mad scientist.