City of Hellabad

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Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 10

According to the Book of Canon, warlords who have done something particularly bad, betrayed their side, or willfully shirked their duty go to a part of the afterlife called the City of Hellabad. It is the evil counterpart of the City of Heroes.

As part of the afterlife for sinners, it is a place of infinite wrongness, where everything clashes against who you are and what you want. There can be no peace or satisfaction for those sentenced to here.

It is implied that since this is an afterlife for warlords, who are a type of commander, they continue to fulfill this role, commanding in pointless, hopeless battles.

Real World References

Hella is slang for "hell of a lot [of]".

Hellabad is likely a reference to Hell. It may also be a reference to Helheim (Hel-abad being a city associated with Hel).