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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official. This material was created by Nazmazh.


Hazmat is a Side of Erfworld ruled by Overlord Ican Haz. Its Chief Warlord is Yucan Haz. The architecture resembles that of the Aztecs and Mayans. Cities that were not originally part of the side, such as Bay Cement have different styles of architecture.


The side of Hazmat is ruled by Ican Haz. The primary sentient race is Men.

Hazmat is quite rich in gems, it is with this wealth that they conquer, rather than by military might. They are relatively isolated from the larger powers and have attained hegemony of their region by buying out the smaller sides, such as the Casters of the Coast.


The name of the capital of Hazmat is Cheezburger.

Other Cities/Towns

Significant Characters


  • Twolls - Natural Allies from Bay Cement
  • The jungles of Hazmat are home to a large cat-creature which makes a unique "lawl" sound. These Cats are trained by Hazmat teams and used in battle.