Hashtag’s Guide to Water-Capables

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Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 4

Hashtag’s Guide to Water-Capables is a book detailing various aquatic and water-capable feral monsters and their stats. One copy popped aboard the Unsinkable II in Duke Forecastle's wardroom. It's written with lots of flowery Signamancy language that's nightmare inducing, along with crude illustrations of the clawed and tentacled beasts.

It mentions frequently that a ships beam weapons can’t be used on Submarine units. The beam's Shockmancy won’t penetrate the surface of the water.WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 23 The recommended tactic is to use Harpooners to attack them, since their harpoon's can penetrate the water's surface and damage them.

It has entries on:

Real World References

A hashtag, a word prefixed with the hash symbol (#), is used in Twitter to make a term searchable among everyone else using the term. It has also found its way into popular language as a way of emphasizing something. Such as "I just got hit with Yellow dwagon battlecrap! Hashtag, 'I'm melting'!"