Haggar the Horrible

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Proposed Canon

This is a series of battles fought between Jetstone and Haggar. Due to a lack of information and a singularity of purpose behind these conflicts, they are presented together. They include the Second Battle of Pantstown, the Battle of Oshkosh, the Battle of Toughskin, and the Battle of Sansabelt.

Previous battle: First Battle of Pantstown
Concurrent battle: Second Battle of Orgchart, Charlescomm-Gobwin Knob Skirmish, Battle of Unavac
Next battle: Un-aroyal
Haggar the Horrible
Conflict: Jetstone-Haggar War
Date: Shortly after the First Battle of Pantstown to roughly 22 turns after the Battle for Gobwin Knob
Place: Pantstown, Oshkosh, Toughskin, Sansabelt
Outcome: Jetstone claims Pantstown, Toughskin, and Oshkosh, and lays siege to Sansabelt, then forces Haggar into the Royal Crown Coalition



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