HMS Hubris Unsinkable

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HMS Hubris Unsinkable
Faction: Seaworld
Class: Ship

Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 1

The HMS Hubris Unsinkable was the flagship of Royal Lord Admiral Buck Brummel, and named after his teacher, Royal Lord Admiral Hubris Unsinkable. Despite the sheer size of the Vengeance Fleet she lead, and the meticulous report keeping of her crew, she still managed to disappear under mysterious circumstances. She was succeeded by the HMS Hubris Unsinkable II.

Class: Three masted Ship-of-the-line

Crew: 60 seafarers (HMS Hubris Unsinkable was identical to HMS Superbia)

Passengers: Unknown, possibly 300-400 soldiers and seafarers

Real World References

'Hubris' refers to extreme pride or self-confidence. This term dates back from ancient Greek where 'hubris' was usually punished by the Greek gods. Calling a ship 'unsinkable' is an act of hubris.