Gun whale

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Gun whale
Class: heavy, water-capable
Special: Beam weapon

Proposed Canon

According to Hashtag's Guide, Gun whales are enormous gap-mouthed beasts that look like very big fish with half of a ship’s mast strapped to their spines. They can be blue, black, gray or white. They are not quite fish, as they breath air and prefer to stay close to the surface. A ship's crew can hunt and harvest one, resulting in enough food to feed the entire crew for several turns, but the damage a ship took from fighting one would not be worth what was saved in upkeep.

The “mast” part of the beast is a long twist of bone, as thick as a man’s chest, which fires Shockmancy bolts just like any naval beam weapon. Although anchored to the spine, the “gun” juts out a little in front of the creature’s head, allowing the gun whale to stab its opponent and shock it directly, even under water.

Real World References

Physically, Gun Whales appear to resemble real world narwhals. Also, the word gunwale describes the top part of the sides of a boat.