Gun whale

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Gun whale
Class: heavy, aquatic
Special: Beam weapon

Proposed Canon

According to Hashtag's Guide, Gun whales are enormous gap-mouthed beasts that look like very big fish with half of a ship’s mast strapped to their spines. They can be blue, black, gray or white. They are not quite fish, as they breath air, and prefer to stay close to the surface. A ship's crew can hunt and harvest one, resulting in enough food to feed the entire crew for several turns, but the damage a ship takes from fighting one would not be worth what is saved in upkeep.

The “mast” part of the beast is a long twist of bone, at least as thick as a man’s chest, which fires Shockmancy bolts just like any naval beam weapon. Although anchored to the spine, the “gun” juts out a little in front of the creature’s head, allowing the gun whale to stab its opponent and shock it directly, even under water.

According to the master-class Date-a-mancer, Noah, gun whales are extremely social creatures that pop alone in the oceans, and so will try to find a pod to join. Able to communicate underwater via “baleful” noises, or byThinkamancy associated with their horns, they are able to send feelings and ideas to other whales at least a hex or two apart, but prefer to communicate with touching tips. Apparently, all whales are also colour-blind.B5P13

Known Users

Real World References

Physically, Gun Whales appear to resemble real world narwhals. Also, the word gunwale describes the top part of the sides of a boat.

Noah and the Whale was a commercially successful band that were together for just over a decade, starting in 2005.