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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official. This material was created by OvaltinePatrol.


Gonzo is a Side of Erfworld ruled by Overlord Raoul Scanlan. It's Chief Warlord is Acosta Mescaline. The architecture of Gonzo's Cities favors reflective surfaces, asymmetric layouts, and a profusion of clashing colors and bright lights. It's livery is a red fist with a second thumb next to the pinky finger on a black field.


Gonzo's primary sentient race is Men. It is a Side in decline as its rejection of both Royalist and Toolism interpretations of Titanic Mandate afford it few friends. Gonzo also suffers from Overlord Raoul's inordinate attitude towards Doombats, alternating between fear of, and aggression towards sides that make use of them. It's rumored that Gonzo is sitting on a huge cache of Hippiemancy (Flower Power in particluar) based scrolls and magic items.


Gonzo's Capital is the bewildering, Level 4 Transmetropolis. It's said to be brimming with traps and air defenses, far in excess of what is typical for cities of similar size. It can Pop Men, Gumps (Gonzo's Gumps resemble cacti rather than typical forest trees), and possibly other units.

Other Cities

  • Aztlan: A Level 2 with farms.
  • Lost Wages: A Level 2 with plentiful gems.

Significant Characters

  • Raoul Scanlan: the addled Ruler of Gonzo.
  • Acosta Mescaline: Gonzo's Chief Warlord.
  • Hunter: A highly proficient Shockamancer.
  • Lester Birdland: Warlord and regent of Lost Wages.
  • Plimpton Mousterpiece: Warlord and regent of Aztlan.
  • Steadman: A Foolamancer.