Gobwin Knob (mountain)

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Gobwin Knob could refer to something else. See Gobwin Knob (disambiguation)

Proposed Canon

Gobwin Knob is the name of the volcanic mountain (long dormant, now active) upon which the city of Gobwin Knob sits and from which it and its associated side draw their names.


Gobwin Knob is in the Minty Mountains, west of Warchalking, Unaroyal, and Jetstone, east of Faq, and northeast of Transylvito.


The caldera of the volcano is a Capital site. When it is not an active city, any Heir or Barbarian Warlord can start a Capital Side there.

Currently the site is taken by Gobwin Knob, a level 5 city, and Capital to the side Gobwin Knob (Side), led by Stanley the Tool. There is no heir.


Gobwin Knob was probably so known long before King Saline IV of the Plaid Tribe had a side there.

The mountain probably takes its name from the Gobwins non-capital side based there or nearby.