Gobwin Insurrection

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Stanley's Historic Battles
First Battle of Faq, Gobwin Insurrection, Destruction of the Milquetoast Clan

Previous battle: First Battle of Faq
Concurrent battle: None
Next battle: Destruction of the Milquetoast Clan
Gobwin Insurrection
Conflict: Gobwin Insurrection
Place: Gobwin Knob
Outcome: King Saline IV croaked; Stanley the Plaid becomes Overlord of Gobwin Knob

Gobwin Knob & Tribe of the Plaid

Gobwin Insurrectionists

  • unknown

  • Gobwins
  • possibly Hobgobwins


  • unknown

Gobwin Insurrection
Gobwin Insurrection: Part I, Gobwin Insurrection: Part II


Some time after Stanley the Tool sacked the City of Faq, while Stanley and a group of casters were outside of the capital on an attack, the hobgobwin and gobwin natural allies of Gobwin Knob suddenly broke alliance, croaking King Saline IV and leaving Stanley (as heir) Overlord of Gobwin Knob in the field. Returning with his stacks of dragons and caster units, he promptly retook the capital and the Gobwin and Hobgobwin units surrendered and reformed their alliance to him.

It is extremely rare and serious for a group of natural allies to break alliance with their chosen Capital side. Generally, a natural alliance will last as long as both sides survive. And considering that the remaining gobwins and hobgobwins rejoined the new Overlord of Gobwin Knob (and stayed with it to the last hobgobwin), this betrayal was strange indeed. It is unknown exactly why the tribes broke alliance, but Vurp (as the last surviving hobgobwin witness) has lied to Parson Gotti to cover up the true events (or at least his knowledge thereof).