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A glossary is a list of definitions for words.

  1. A flying knight-class unit with a random special from the set of: dance fighting, leadership, and limited forms of Shockmancy, Thinkamancy, Dollamancy and Foolamancy.
  1. An artifact of great power, used by the Titans of Ark to create Erfworld. They only give access to their full power to those that attune to them. There are currently four known Arkentools.
  1. A type of magical object that was not made by mortal hands; objects that pop in ruins or objects created by the Titans of Ark are both examples of artifacts.
  1. Units that do not belong to a formal side.
  1. Somehow, Erfworld has the ability to censor various Earth orientated swear words. Whenever one such swear is attempted, the word "boop" is said instead.
  1. A specific type of city. There are certain functions that can only be performed in a Capital. Each side can only have one capital.
  1. A specific location wherein a capital city or normal city can be built.
  1. A commander unit capable of using magic. There are twenty-four different magical specializations.
  1. A specific location that is fortified and can produce units; cities are not merely collections of buildings. Cities have a level between one and five.
  • City site *
  1. A location where a city may be founded. The remains of a sacked city are a viable city site.
  • Cloth Golem *
  1. A large heavy unit, fashioned through Dollamancy, with the appearance of a stuffed animal.
  • Commander
  1. A unit which can command a stack and make tactical decisions, including whether or not to attack. Casters, Warlords and Rulers are Commanders.
  1. Erfworld's version of "kill".
  1. Branch of the magical class Naughtymancy used to, among other things, re-animate croaked units. A Caster that specializes in Croakamancy is called a Croakamancer.
  1. A type of unit that belongs to a non-capital side.
  1. A type of enhanced uncroaked created by Wanda Firebaugh after her attunement to the Arkenpliers.
  1. Branch of the magical class Stuffamancy dealing with the movement of earth. Can create and heal certain types of golems. A Caster that specializes in Dirtamancy is called a Dirtamancer.
  1. A type of large flying bat unit; has a natural Thinkamancy ability for a warlord to see though its eyes.
  1. A creature that resembles the mythical dragons of Earth.
  1. Any of several types of humanoid units that belong to non-capital sides.
  1. A webcomic produced by Rob Balder, Jamie Noguchi, and Xin Ye.
  2. The game-like world in which above webcomic takes place.
  • Erfworlder
  1. Any native of Erfworld.
  1. A method of instant messaging, whereby subvocalized words between two users appear in a book.
  2. A magic item created via Eyemancy.
  1. Any unit that is capable of flight.
  1. Branch of the magical class Eyemancy that is used to, among other things, create illusions and otherwise conceal reality. A Caster the specializes in Foolamancy is called a Foolamancer.
  1. The name for a city's main structure. If a garrison is taken over, the city is captured.
  2. A category of unite assigned to a single city. A garrison unit has 0 move.
  1. Any of several types of humanoid units that belong to non-capital sides.
  1. A type of humanoid unit that belong to non-capital sides.
  1. An autonomous construct created through magic. Golems gain attributes based on the material they are made from and gain bonuses when commanded by their creators or another unit of the same class.
  1. A non-humanoid Heavy Unit that resembles an animated tree.
  1. A gelatin based flying creature. Used as a mount in Erfworld similar to griffins in fantasy books and games.
  1. The main (and only) character in Parson Gotti's webcomic, "Hamstard, the Bastard Hamster." The image of this fat, foul-mouthed rodent is used as Parson's "crest."
  1. A large, powerful unit.
  1. A specific measure of terrain contained within a hexagonal border which composes Erfworld. Depending on the type of terrain, a variable amount of move is consumed upon entering the hex. It has also been implied that each hex has its own timeline.
  1. A unit that is meant to become the ruler of a side in the event of the current ruler's death.
  1. A type of humanoid unit that belong to non-capital sides.
  1. A type of Heavy unit.
  1. Any unit that has two arms, two legs, and a head, all connected by a torso.
  1. A basic soldier unit, may be classed as stabber or piker.
  1. The essence that allows casters to use spells. Once their allotment of juice is spent they can no longer cast spells innately. Juice is refilled to full at the start of every turn.
  1. A powerful infantry unit that is capable of withdrawing from battle without being ordered to do so by a commander class unit.
  1. A male Ruler of Royal descent.
  1. An ability that some units have that allows them to direct battles, or avoid them altogether.
  1. A basic measurement of a unit's competence.
  1. A type of magical object that was created by a mortal: the Eyebooks in use by Gobwin Knob or a scroll containing a spell are examples of magic items.
  1. A location where casters congregate and trade services.
  1. A type of humanoid unit that belong to non-capital sides.
  1. A professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army.
  1. A type of flying heavy mount, they appear to be simply gigantic Gwiffons.
  1. The predominant race of Erfworld.
  1. A unit that can be ridden by another, allowing the rider to use the mount's Move in place of their own.
  1. A branch of the magical Class Clevermancy that deals with money. Increasing the level of a City, and turning Shmuckers directly into units are both abilities of Moneymancy. A caster that specializes in Moneymancy is called a Moneymancer.
  1. The amount of hexes which a unit can travel in a turn, depending on the type of terrain which makes up the hex.
  1. Special skills unique to certain units, like poison, fire, or fabrication.
  1. A Commander unit popped to a royal side, in a city other than the capital.
  1. A type of flying owl unit which communicates via chatspeak. Named for the "Orly" sound they make as they fly.
  1. A Ruler with no Royal or Noble lineage.
  1. Erfworld equivalent to birth. Erfworlders pop in their most mature state and do not show signs of aging.
  1. The Schmuckers a commander carries.
  1. A female Ruler of Royal descent.
  1. Clothing.
  1. A unit of barter credit used in the Magic Kingdom
  1. The food that pops for a unit at the start of turn as a part of its upkeep.
  1. The highest ranking unit on a side; the ruler commands all other units of that side.
  1. A magic item that allows a pre-specified spell to be cast without juice.
  1. Erfworld's main unit of currency.
  1. A group of units, and/or cites grouped together.
  • Siege *
  1. Units used for breaking through walls and gates.
  1. A type of pink, acid spitting, lizard heavy mount.
  1. A type Spider-like heavy unit.
  1. A formation of units within a hex that share bonuses. Every unit is a stack receive a bonus for every unit in the stack up to eight.
  1. The numerical values of a unit's capabilities.
  1. Food which pops for Parson at the beginning of each turn. Each meal contains some useful information about Erfworld.
  • TBfGK
  1. Acronym for The Battle for Gobwin Knob.
  1. A heavy unit which looks like a partially transparent animal.
  1. A message sent magically from one unit to another via Thinkamancy.
  1. Branch of the magical class Eyemancy that is used to, among other things, provide communications and otherwise relay orders. A Caster the specializes in Thinkamancy is called a Thinkamancer.
  1. The beings that created Erfworld; they are worshiped by mortal Erfworlders.
  1. A non-physical construct of natural Moneymancy that houses a Side's total accumulated Shmuckers.
  1. The period of time in which a side's units can move.
  2. To change sides or abandon one's side.
  1. A type of humanoid Heavy unit with the Fabrication special ability, making it capable of producing minor non-magical objects with natural Dollamancy.
  1. A unit which has been reanimated by a Croakamancer. Uncroaked have no free will, can only obey simple, specific instructions, and decay over a series of turns.
  1. A flying non-humanoid mount, they appear to be a creature with the lower body of a winged horse and a humanoid torso and arms with a horn on its forehead.
  1. An animate being capable of combat: pretty much any being in Erfworld.
  1. The cost of keeping a unit around for another turn.
  1. A unit with Leadership.
  1. A type of unit that belongs to a non-capital side.
  1. A type of non-humanoid siege unit, the resemble large dogs with the horns of a ram.
  1. A specific part of a hex or city such as tunnels or airspace.