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Proposed Canon

Generica is a side that specializes in selling for-sale Signs. It's not a noble side, their ruler instead goes with a title of president. Clients who buy generician Signs include individual warlords like Candy Crusher and Prince Prince T. Rowe and whole sides such as Squashcourt, Charlescomm and The Cultics (the latter might not be a capital side).Book 5 Prologue 1

Generica is allied to Ünderclock by a contract signed 90 turns before the events of Book 5 - Prologue 1. Ünderclock is in debt to Generica.


The city of Generica


Natural Allies



Generica's crest is a smiling yellow face, with no nostrils.

Real World References

The side's name is a portmanteau based on the word generic (in the meaning not being or having a particular brand name – related to them creating and selling brand Signs for others) and America (USA). The latter is strengthened by the color scheme being white, red and blue.

Their full flag bears a resemblance to the Goodwill Industries logo. The smiley crest itself is a Smiley.