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Proposed Canon

A Unit assigned to the Garrison of a City is given the Garrison ability. The Unit's Move is set to 0 and it cannot leave their assigned City's zones. The Garrison Unit can freely move throughout the City both on and off Turn without expending Move. A Unit can later be re-assigned to the field, at which time its Move is restored to its normal value.

A Garrison Unit has a somewhat lower upkeep than a Field Unit, presumable as compensation for its lower mobility. In the case of Parson Gotti, promoting him from Garrison to Field status increased his upkeep by 140 Schmuckers, compared to a preexisting upkeep of slightly over a thousand Schumckers.

Either Rulers or Chief Warlords can promote a Garrison unit to a field unit.

Known Garrison Units


Assignment to Garrison and re-assignment to the field likely takes place at night, or off-Turn. It is unlikely a Unit would be allowed to expend Move in the field, end Move in a city, and then expend unlimited Move after assignment to Garrison all in one Turn. This has potential exploits.

Promoting a Garrison unit to field unit definitely costs Shmuckers. Likely, it also improves their general mobility, as noted when Parson promoted himself. LIAB 42

When the armies of Gobwin Knob were closing in on her capital, Queen Bea of Unaroyal decided her side had no hope of victory and she chose to deny GK further decrypted units. In her letter to Don King she claimed to have exhausted her treasury promoting all of her garrison units to field units. Then she ordered all units outside of the city and walked herself through the magic kingdom portal which disbanded all of those field units.Erf-b1.5-p043Same-site.PNG

Parson's Klog 12 said if a ruler without heir gets croaked, 'field units dispand'. But it also says 'everyone here' is frozen. I guess that 'field unit' there only means unit in the field in the sense of outside the city. And not the opposite of garrison unit.