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This page is for Frequently Asked Questions about Erfworld,
but see also Kingdom of Faq and City of Faq.

Q: When will book 2 start ?

A1: See first announcement :

At Capclave, in Rockville, Maryland on Saturday evening, October 17
...this might be the book launch party for the start of Book 2.

A2: See this Announcement

"Erfworld 2: Love is a Battlefield" will launch Wednesday, October 28 and will follow a regular Wednesday/Saturday schedule

Q: I don't understand X in some comic, can you help ?

A: For an overview, look in these places:

For details about some comic, read here:

Q: What is The Fourth Arkentool ?

A: The Arkenshoes.

Q: How much time elapsed between the end of book 1 and start of book 2 ?

A: Not counting the Epilogues and Prologues, 67 turns passed between the last page of book 1 and the first page of book 2. With the -logues, there was no time, as Epilogue 21 and Prologue 1 take place on the same day.

Q: Is there a collection of unresolved Questions ?

A: Indeed