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Prince Forthewin
Race: Men
Tribe: Jetstone
Faction: Jetstone
Special: Leadership, Royal

First Mention: LIAB Text 33

Proposed Canon

A Prince of Jetstone who fought in the battle against the Ad Council alongside Artemis. Forthewin died at the Battle of Iceburg and was succeeded by Prince Ansom as heir to the crown of Jetstone.

He was known for his ability to command as well as to conquer, and also had legendary Luckamancy.LIAB Text 33


Given that King Slately seems to have liked making his heirs into Chief Warlords, it is likely that Prince Forthewin was the Chief Warlord of Jetstone that preceded Prince Ansom.

Real World References

For The Win or FTW is a common internet slang for being great and awesome, in line with other Jetstone's princes names.

Preceded by:
Chief Warlord of Jetstone Succeeded by:
Prince Ansom