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Ford delivers his inaugural address.

Proposed Canon

"I have not sought this enormous responsibility, but I will not shirk it."

Strengths: Sacrifice, Clarity of Purpose, Motivational Speaking

Weaknesses: Clarity of Speech

First Appearance: LIAB Text 19

Captain Ford was a Decrypted Warlord in service of Gobwin Knob. He was a forest-capable ranger. As a ranger, his uniform was quite unlike that of the other troops around him. He wore a black cloth short-sleeved shirt with pockets and red accents, grey pants, and a red campaign hat. He bore a black shield with a unique shape and crimped edge.

He was crushed (and presumably dusted) by an LFN cloth golem named Irony during the battle of Jetstone.


This is the first mention of "rangers," but it probably denotes a forest-capable (or possibly other terrain-specific?) scout.

Ford was likely a Jetstone or Unaroyal unit before croaking and returning to serve Wanda Firebaugh and the Arkenpliers. However, it is possible he belonged to another side.

Real World References

A nod to the Ford Ranger, a pickup truck produced by the Ford company.

Also, would seem to bear a resemblance to former U.S. president Gerald Ford.

The line "I have not sought this enormous responsibility, but I will not shirk it." is taken from the speech Gerald Ford gave shortly after being sworn in as president after Nixon resigned.

His uniform and hat are similar to those of a forest or park ranger, a la Smokey the Bear, Ranger Smith from Yogi Bear, or perhaps a Canadian Mounted Police officer.

Additionally, his shield is shaped like the flint arrowhead symbol of the US National Park Service [1].

In addition, it's been stated that Captain Ford and his forces were meant to be the occupying force at the captured Jetstone capital - in other words, its garrison. There is a famous actor named Harrison Ford, which sounds very similar to "garrison Ford".