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A category for archival footnotes, which should include brief summaries of characters if we haven't seen them in a while, and links to relevant pages, in addition to the normal notes and references.

These are the pages that show up under the comic in the archives, so when linking remember to direct to the site archives and not the wiki. (see: Archive Linking)

A note on profanity in the footnotes

Due to the way advertisers crawl the text of a site, if they detect swearing it could cost the Erfworld money in lost ad sales. For that reason, minor censoring should be implemented. Please note, this comes directly from Rob himself. (see: Talk:b3p72)

In the interest of standardization, replacing the vowel with an asterisk (*) should be sufficient, and the method used. (e.g. d*mn, f*ck, b*stard, etc)


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