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Proposed Canon

Follywood is a Royal side in Erfworld. It was a coastal empire with a powerful navy. It had a royal court full of intrigue and plots, with the occasional disbanding of out of favor courtiers. The prevailing attitude was one of disdain for Digdoug for being a low or "dirty" class of caster.


Former Inhabitants

Real World References

Follywood is a letter off from both Hollywood, the renowned California home of many movie studios, and Bollywood, it's Indian counterpart which makes competing films. Mostly musicals and action movies.

It may also be a reference to "folly" as in "mistake", as in, they were mistaken to trade Digdoug away and/or look down on dirtamancy.

"Folly" is also phonetically similar to the French word for fake, "Faux". So it may be a combination of both, and be a reference to productions faking they're from Hollywood.