First Battle of Faq

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Stanley's Historic Battles
First Battle of Faq, Gobwin Insurrection, Destruction of the Milquetoast Clan

Previous battle: Unknown
Concurrent battle: None
Next battle: Gobwin Insurrection
First Battle of FaqErf-b1-p083Same-site.PNG
Conflict: Wars of Stanley the Tool
Place: Faq
Outcome: Faq Destroyed; Wanda Firebaugh, Jack Snipe join Stanley; Warlord Jillian Zamussels becomes a Barbarian

Gobwin KnobErf-b1-p147Same-site.PNG


  • King Banhammer
  • Dwagons

  • Faq Warlords
  • Faq units
  • 1 Foolamancer
  • 1 Predictamancer

  • Unknown

  • King Banhammer
  • Faq destroyed


"I take it Faq did fall?" - Prince AnsomErf-b1-p083Same-site.PNG
"Instantly. One turn I got a frantic message about an overflight of dwagons. On my next turn, I was a barbarian." - Jillian ZamusselsErf-b1-p083Same-site.PNG

Faq fell to Stanley after he was contacted by Wanda Firebaugh, who conspired with him to attack the capitalErf-b1-p147Same-site.PNG. Wanda Firebaugh planned for the attack to take place expecting Stanley to fail in his attack, but switched sides to serve Gobwin Knob after it became apparent that Stanley would live and Faq would fall. Stanley attributes his success to the massive number of wild dragons he encountered and tamed en route and is under the impression Wanda simply misjudged the tactical situation he would have arrived in otherwise. His trust in her was supported by witnessing her turn mid-battle and her capture of the Tower from within (which included creating an uncroaked unit from the King of Faq himself). Jack Snipe was arranged to be out of the city at the time, leaving it exposed and vulnerable, but later was captured when the remaining two cities of the side were razed by Stanley the Tool after this battle.


Presumably, Faq's Predictamancer escaped into the Magic Kingdom. Any other Faq casters likely did the same or were croaked in the battle (or subsequent razings). It may be possible that one or more other casters (it is not known exactly how many existed at the court of Faq) were indeed captured, but have since croaked (or been disbanded) in service to Gobwin Knob.