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Hvs.tCF 144.jpg
Race: Men
Faction: Charlescomm
Class: Archon (Elite)
Special: Flight

Proposed Canon

Strengths: Soft hands, a gentle touch

Weaknesses: No bedside manner

First Appearance: Hvs.tCF 88

Fifinella, also known as FifiHvs.tCF 107, was a Fox Forcer and Charlie's highest ranking archon.

She was one of the Archons to receive Lilith back to Charlescomm, and escorted her to meet with Charlie. After securing Lilith to the examination table, Fifinella moved Charlie's hand for him. When Lilith broke free, Fifinella attempted to protect Charlie and ended up being croaked when Lilith shot her with a stolen rifle. Lilith later attempted to bring her body through Charlescomm's portal for decryption, but Charlie was able to reclaim her corpse. She is referred to by Charlie as 'his shield and his spine' Hvs.tCF 144.

Real World References

Fifinella was the name of a female gremlin designed by Walt Disney for a proposed Roald Dahl movie, that was later adopted as the mascot for the Women Airforce Service Pilots in World War II.

It was also later used as a name for one of the B-17 Flying Fortress bombers. Most Archons introduced in Book 3 share this kind of reference – either from a name of a bomber or from a Nose Art.