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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official. This material was created by forum user Djinn_in_Tonic.


Feildebeat is a dance and techno themed Side of Erfworld ruled by Overlord Riado D'Jay. Its Chief Warlord is Hecton Weemix.


The Side of Feildebeat is ruled by Riado D'Jay. The primary sentient race are the Boogiemen.

Feildebeat is fairly self-sufficient, rarely allying itself to any other Side except in times of direst need. This is much to the annoyance of many, including the Royal Crown Coalition, who tried desperately to win the support of Feildebeat prior to the assault on Gobwin Knob. This is largely due to Feildebeat's reputation as the strongest Dance-Fighting Side in existence. Many legends claim that the concept of Dance-Fighting originated in Feildebeat, something the Boogiemen do little to dissuade. Regardless of the truth behind this claim, many an enemy has been croaked by the slick moves of The Knights of the Club.

The fighting style of Feildebeat draw heavily on techno and disco culture, and the shaggy Boogiemen can be found break-dancing into battle, leaving nothing but a trail of bodies behind them. Lines of Feildebeat warriors will often stand on the wide backs of their Feildebeatle mounts to awe more of the battlefield with their dancing prowess. In rare cases, the potent Cage Mancers will enter battle, pulled along by several of the strongest Feildebeatles. These powerful Casters are the elite of the Feildebeat army, wielding Stagemancy to great effect from within their armored cages.


The name of the capital of Feildebeat is Codis City.

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Both the fact that Feildebeat refused to align with the RCC and that they do not appear to be in conflict with Stanley the Tool, seem to indicate that Stanley never attacked them, either because of their renowned dance-fighting prowess or geographic distance.