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Proposed Canon

Oh, brother.

Family is a specific type of relationship that forms between Rulers and Commanders popped in a side's capital. Commanders become son or daughter of the Ruler, and the Ruler becomes the father or mother of the Commander. Sons and daughters of the same Ruler are brothers and sisters. Units popped in the same stack also count as siblings. No further family relationships are known.

Families can happen on Royal or non-Royal sides. A son or daughter does not have to be popped as an Heir, and can be a Caster or a Warlord. Families will often share a last name, if they have one. They can, however, have a different last name or an alias.

Units remain family even if a member turns or splits off a new side.

Brother and Sister were also affected as a title among some Casters of the Court of Faq, but this doesn't imply a family relationship.

Known Families








Easteros / Westeregg



Delkey / Homekey


Units popped together as a stack might be considered family as well. Mary, Carrie, Terry, Jerry, Perry, Harry, Gary, and Rudolfo Sagittari bore the Sagittari CXIV stack name and were referred to as brothers and sisters.

Although a son or daughter can have only one parent, Queen Jillian Zamussels' romantic relationship with Vinny Doombats seems to have influenced Prince Albert Zamussels' signamancy, implying that Vinny might be a sort of "pseudo-father" to Albert. Whether this signamancy was transferred through nookie or through Jillian's emotional connection to Vinny is unclear.

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