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A fall can refer to three different mechanics, relating to sides, cities, and units.

For the city mechanic, see Conquering.


Proposed Canon

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A fall is any transition from airspace to the ground without landing. This can include being dismounted from a flying mount or being knocked off of a structure like a tower.

All falls, regardless of height, produce damage. This damage is considered to be Natural Shockmancy. This damage may take the form of injury, incapacitation or croaking. The height of a fall has some effect, but all falls represent significant risk.LIAB 33b

If a unit does survive a fall off-turn in a hex or city with enemies, they can continue to take action on the ground.LIAB 49


Proposed Canon

A side falls when the Ruler of a side is croakedTBFGK 98b, capturedHvs.tCF 9, or turns to another sideIPTSF Text 60, and the side has no Heir. If a Ruler is captured with no Heir on their own turn, the side will fall at the end of turn if the Ruler is not repatriated.IPTSF Text 66 If a captured Ruler does escape, they can return to one of their cities and restore the side. If the side has an Heir during any of these circumstances, they become Ruler and the side survives.

A side can survive losing their capital or even all of their cities for as long as the Ruler can pay upkeep of any remaining units from their limited purse.IPTSF Text 57 However, if the Ruler assumed rule that same turn, the side will fall with the last city, and the Ruler will become a Barbarian.IPTSF Text 26

When a side falls, field units disband and any cities formerly controlled by the side become neutral. Neutral cities are frozen with no turn, and are only able to react to attacks.TBFGK 98b Casters that are in the Magic Kingdom when a side falls will become Barbarians instead of disbanding.TBFGK 102

Known Fallen Sides and Survivors


A side would also seem to fall if the Ruler abdicates, but it's not clear that a Ruler can do so without an Heir to become Ruler.

There may be an opportunity to repatriate a Ruler that is captured off-turn as well, before the side falls at a later time, such as nightfall or the start of their next turn.

The freezing of neutral cities presumably reduces all upkeep to 0. Production in the city could be indefinitely paused or lost entirely. Off-turn actions like Thinkagrams and city zone movements could still be allowed, or all actions could be prevented until attacked. Freezing could even mean a form of temporal stasis (Natural Turnamancy?) for the units in them.

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