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Proposed Canon

Eyemancer spy with my little lookamancer...

The Eyemancer TableErf-b1-p066Same-site.PNG was created by a caster -up in Gobwin Knob consisting of one of each type of Eyemancer -- Thinkamancer Maggie, Foolamancer Jack Snipe, and Lookamancer Misty. To operate the table, the three Eyemancers must be linked and devoted to the table.


The table is used as a combined CIC command centre, allowing a side to both observe enemy movement and direct its own Units from a centralized location. It may also have been able to run hypothetical simulations, give up to date unit information, and give information on enemy stats and sight.


  • It provides real time information of the entire battle area (Lookamancy).
  • This information is provided in a holographic display (Foolamancy).
  • It allows commands to be sent to units (Thinkamancy)


Although it is a Magic Item, it requires the services of the linked Casters to function. Since Parson does not use the Table, or even the room in which it remained, after the Eyemancer fusion was broken, it may provide no functionality at all without the Casters.