Artemis' Knights

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In the battle of Spacerock between Sylvia and Artemis, Artemis had twelve Knights in her stack who engaged in battle with a stack of red dwagons and green dwagons and then with Lady Sylvia's stack which consisted of purple dwagons as well as Captain Archer.

She personally trained them to raise their levels. Some were specialty classes of knights, such as Valkyries and Gladiators.

The names of these knights were:

  1. Proplan
  2. Canidae
  3. Iams
  4. Innova
  5. Eukanuba
  6. Max
  7. Nutro
  8. Acana
  9. Merrick
  10. Beneful
  11. Purina
  12. Alpo

Real World References

All of the knights are named after various brands of dog food. Artemis is also such a brand.

That Nutro is a gladiator-class knight is probably a reference to the character Nitro from the television show "American Gladiators".